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Clean, green, no taxes, great beaches, plenty of night life, food joints galore, the hub of the region. If you aren't here, you're in the wrong place.

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Before you start on these pages, read this please.

Since the time this page was put up many moons ago, a lot of things changed very fast.
It became impossible for the "small" webteam here who work for fun only
to keep all this up to date.
Most of the dynamic info here is now outdated. Very outdated.
However, the archive info is still valid,
and we do keep the Proxy info current.
We also have an updated Dubai IP info whois type of file.
Now, have fun :)

Just some general information about UAE based stuff.

Emirates Internet launched in August in 1995. and

What are Emirates Internet's rates ( is that the same as Etisalat's rates ? ) :-

Registration: The Emirates Internet registration charge is Dhs. 200 per user.

Charges (Revised 1/June/1999)

  1. Dial up customers will pay flat Dhs 20/-per month for which they will get NO hours of free usage.
  2. Usage will be charged at Dhs 3/-per hour. from 6am to 1 am
  3. Usage will be charged at Dhs 1/80-per hour. from 1am to 6 am
  4. Software Installation (optional) : Dhs100/-

And you thought a leased line was an option ? Foget it ! Unless you can fathom out what an Internet ISDN LAN Connect means ..... heh - which if we read it right asks you for a Rental per month UAE Dhs 3000 after the Installation fee of Dhs 1000.

Came across the web page hosting charges in two locations.
Did you know that Dev keeps a mirror of Etisalat's pages on their server?
Take a tour through Etisalat's Head office building.

ETISALAT plans regional Internet gateway (Dec '98- reproduced in-case it get's removed in the next newsletter)
ETISALAT, the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, has purchased a STM-1 link from the UAE to the UK and will use the additional capacity to transport Internet traffic for other regional PTTs and ISPs throughout the Middle East.

Mr Al Owais, General Manager, ETISALAT, said "We are anticipating a significant growth in the demand for Internet traffic throughout the region and we aim to become
the major Internet hub for the Middle East. The UAE today has 60,000 Internet users, the highest in the region. However, we have already seen a shift from mainly voice traffic to a mix of advanced communications services and we expect this trend to continue and increase, reaching a data to voice ratio of 4:1 by the end of the century."

Business Software Alliance is a group set up to stop Software Piracy. Tel: 800 4828 or +971-4-322307
P.O.Box 9275, Dubai, UAE. Tel: 317090, Fax: 313177

Etisalat's dial in Internet number is 4004444.
If you
don't have an account with them,
or if you don't want Daddy to know you've been using the internet : 5005333
charges 15 fils/minute ( Dhs 9/hour ) or 3 times normal.(popularly known as Dial 'N' Surf)
Roaming service: for International Internet users roaming in the UAE, dial 5003535 and any calls made to this number will incur a collection charge of 15 fils per minute (Dhs 9 per hour) usage to the telephone number from which the call is made. (13 Mar 99)
Thank you to Kitby for pointing out that using your GSM (mobile phone) to dial in to internet costs you Dhs.0.90/minute plus Dhs.3/hour totaling to a whopping Dhs.57/hour!
What's a 400 and a 500 telephone number ?

Etisalat's help desk 8005244
Use it 7am-11pm Sat-Thurs and
4pm-10pm Fridays & Public holidays.
There is voice mail when they are closed.
Email is
Fax: (971)-4-226669 (Dubai and Northern Emirates)
(971)-2-218315 (Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain and Western Region)
Internet Helpdesk, Etisalat, P.O.Box:1150, Dubai, UAE.
Internet Helpdesk, Etisalat, P.O.Box:300, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

They are good, helpful and polite, unlike the central Commercial desk ... heh !
If your questions are more than technical, try Customer Services on 249249. Also very friendly believe it or not !

Getting Etislat phone numbers that connect you to the right person for the right problem is a challenge. Compiling the list below would in most circumstances have earned us a PHD in Invesitgative Criminology.

Department Comments email Fax Phone
Etisalt switchboard: Best place to be led astray in Dubai     2228111
Etisalt switchboard: Best place to be led astray in Abu Dhabi     02-333111
Etisalat Office AD       02-283333
Internet Help Desk Technical info only   8005244
Customer Care Very Very helpful. Don't look so surprised!     2285539
Internet Sales       2022845
Internet Section Also Sales     2022842
Customer Services aka Customer dis-Services-forever busy help   2249999/713131
ISDN Sales Department   kaodxb 233744 2022352/511
ISDN Sales Department Headed by the unreachable Ahmed Taqi kaodxb 233744 2225217
ISDN Marketing Ashraf     2022386
ISDN Bur Dubai       3535280
Marketing A.D. headed by Mohd. Al Fahim. suad_ahmed
Mng. Pub Relations AD Headed by Ahmed Faisal Al Dosery custserv 02-334448 02-2084504
Engineering no comments - probably means it's useless     2224000
Technical Section No one here will be helpful     2022190/191
Tech. Section Direct Someone here will be more helpful     2285539
Can't remember ! Mr. Zahir hmmm who was he LOL     2022845
Dubai side exchange       3456040
Help Desk supervisor Mr. Mohsin Ahmed mohsen98 2226669 2022964
Dial up number For Emirates Internet account holders only     4004444
Dial n Surf Excrutiatingly expensive.     5005333
Roaming service International users roaming in the UAE     5003535

Email addys of some known Emirates Internet Admins: possibly Shaikh Mohammed Rizwan Webmaster of Emirates Internet home page.  Super-User  who runs his Linux 2.0.34 from which is Internet Sharjah's West Coast Branch log in web page

Email addys of some expected but unconfirmed Emirates Internet Admins:

Email addys of persons: Syed Azeem


Some information links from this page:
Inernet in the United Arab Emirates A comprehensive independant review of the growth of Internet in the U.A.E.
InterNIC Registration Services on the AE Domain
Etisalat Registration information with RIPE and RIPE registered UAE providers
For VERY detailed info in RIPE, go to the Whois page and search for:
-i admin-c,tech-c,zone-c AH1223-RIPE
A lot of interesting seaches can be done from here like "emirates" "dubai" "emirnet" "Abu Dhabi" "Sharjah" "etisalat""emirnet" "emix""UAEU" "Emirates Internet Exchange"

An Internet Encyclopedia with all the RFC stuff you ever wanted. This is what might interest you.
Network Startup Resource Centre - Old information about Internet Providers in the UAE.
Information for Internet Service Providers -
Common Port information - as in what particular ports are used for.

25/1/97 Source: Reuters The United Arab Emirate's government-controlled ISP has set up a proxy server to censor the Net. The country's 9,669 Etisalat users are required by law to configure their Web browsers to use the official proxy server that filters out offensive materials.

05/Mar/1997 The UAE installs national proxies to restrict content
The United Arab Emirates state-owned Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) has put into place national proxy servers which will route all Internet traffic and censor selected Internet sites which conflict with local moral values and traditions.

News Feature March 10, 1998
Etisalat Selects Sun Microsytems For Internet Expansion Program
Dubai, UAE - March 1998 -- Sun Microsystems is pleased to announce that Etisalat has selected Sun computer servers in order to expand and upgrade its Internet Services in the UAE. About 20 percent of Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s revenues is derived from the telecommunications industry - Sun's single largest market segment. By choosing Sun technology, telecom companies can implement the most comprehensive computing solutions for their needs without being bound by proprietary systems that are tied to a single vendor's technology.

Etisalat was one of the first telecom companies in the Middle East to introduce local access to the Internet and has now committed to investing in technology which will enhance its Internet services for the future. The additional investment in Sun hardware will increase service reliability, decrease downtime, and facilitate a substantial increase in Internet traffic. With approximately 28,000 Internet users in the UAE, Etisalat are preparing for a surge in demand for Internet services over the next two years, as large companies in the Middle East realise that access to e-mail and Internet for all employees is no longer an optional extra, but a necessity in today's global market.

"Etisalat's decision to choose Sun's hardware extends our relationship and demonstrates its confidence in our superior technology, and in our local service and support model which can provide the expertise required for such a large scale installation," said Sanjay Naithani, Sales Manager, Telco Sector, Sun Microsytems Middle East. Having established itself as the leader in Internet innovation and expertise, Sun has emerged as the clear winner in the fierce competition to win ISP (Internet service provider) contracts with telecommunications companies and government-run PTT (post/telephone/telegraph) both worldwide and in the Middle East. A recent survey found that Sun has a commanding 90 percent share of the installed operating system base amongst telecom Internet Service Providers.

The backbone of Etisalat's Internet services will comprise a combination of Sun's high performance Enterprise 450 workgroup severs and its Enterprise 4000 high availability servers. All system are powered by Sun's Solaris, the industry leading UNIX operating system. Training, integration and consultancy will be fulfilled via Sun's authorised distributor, Gulf Computer.

May 1997: Webbing the Emirates by Richard King

In August 1997, Etisalat said : "The proxy cache is based on multiple Sun 4000 computers running Netscape Proxy Server. The proxy servers are attached directly to our 34 Mbps national backbone and the 4 Mbps aggregate international connections."

This report summarizes September 1998 Internet engineering activities at Merit Network (

Members of the Route Server Next Generation ( team traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to provide training and consulting for the Route Servers at the Emirates Telecom Corporation's new exchange point, dubbed ETISALAT. During the previous months, RSng had worked closely with the ETISALAT staff to
design the exchange point and create a regional routing registry for the UAE. Abha Ahuja, Jake Khuon, and Tom Spindler configured the Route Servers at Merit's facilities and shipped them to Dubai; while on site, the Merit team completed the installation and worked with ETISALAT engineers to ensure the systems were running smoothly. Now that the RSs are in production, they are monitored and operated by the ETISALAT engineers themselves.

Direct access to Internet (telnet to was turned off on 2nd February1997.

Does the PROXY BAN the site you want to go to ?

Do you need to access a banned site or news group that should really not be banned by the proxy. Email a request to with a CC to have used it and it works every time. Takes up to a week for them to get around to doing it, so be patient, but don't feel shy to remind them constantly.

The proxy servers are a pain.
Have you ever found the proxy getting stuck sometimes?
When you try to reach a site, it just says " Looking up host" and goes no further?
Well, what we do is in Netscape is:- go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Proxies/ and in there we put in a Manual Proxy from the list below, usualy on port 8080 (the Etisalat Internet help desk says is the the most advanced and fastes proxy, but our personal tests show it isn't.) If this proxy gets stuck, just go back to the automatic Proxy. If both get stuck, just sit back and curse Etisalat like we all do.
In Netscape sometimes it appears that you can't get through to the proxy but actually you have an alert popup waiting to be acknowledged in a browser window, or a java fault. Before you run to change your proxy settings, scroll through all your open browser windows to check if all you need to do is simply click the OK button on an open Alert message.
If you are still stuck even after changing your proxy, then close down netscape and press CTRL ALT DEL Once only. Look to see if Netscape is still open even though you've closed it down. If it is, click on it and chose the End Task Option. Reopen Netscape and you should be fixed.
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Here is some info on the Emirates Internet Proxies which probably is of no use.

A URL could normally be acessed through the proxy directly like this: but this does not work. If anyone knows the direct method of going through the proxy, please email us.

Proxy List on 9/October/2000 : any of these can be used as a manual proxy.
Listed in order of least busiest to busiest:- all on port 8080 | | | | | | | | --> (IP changes all the time)--> | | | | |
Al Shamil's ADSL main proxies: (port unknown)

Proxy List on 1/October/2000 : any of these can be used as a manual proxy.
Listed in order of least busiest to busiest: , , , , , , , , , ,
Canonical name: (IP changes all the time): Address:
It also appears that the proxies used by AlShamil, or ADSL are: &

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Proxy List on 1/September/2000 : any of these can be used as a manual proxy. , , , , , , , ,

Canonical name: (IP changes all the time)
Addresses: , , ,

Found these changes late April 2000 with port 8080 open

Auto proxy of emirates is , -- | -- | -- -- | -- | -- -- | -- | -- -- | -- | -- -- | -- | -- --
See the old-alerts pages for previous data.

Below is from late June 1999

Here's are some interesting things we ran into unexpectedly. Did you know was running a proxy? : interesting. The Domain is owned by Emirates Airlines. | | | | | or |

And don't think Bahrain, Qatar, & Saudi Arabia aren't behind a proxy too! | || | on port 8080. | to | to to | to | to | to | | | |

We had to include this link because we came across an old page Etisalat put up when it introduced the proxy servers. Can't believe it ! Here are some quotes:

"This has resulted in decreased response times for retrieval of Web documents."

"Q. Won't the Proxy system become a bottleneck?
A. The proxy cache is based on multiple Sun 4000 computers running Netscape Proxy Server. The proxy servers are attached directly to our 34 Mbps national backbone and the 4 Mbps aggregate international connections."

"At present, the proxyservers get over 100,000 requests daily without breaking into a sweat."

By the way, the proxy doesn't cache any web sites that we've come across.
Anyone care to prove us wrong?

news group server for etisalat
Resolved to
Ports open: 23 25 111 119 513 A Address)
Ports open: 13 23 25 37 53 80 110 111 143 389 512 513 514 540 993 995 1760 4045 6000 6112 7100 7588 32771 32772 32773 32774 32775 32776 32777 32778 32779 32784 32785 32786 32818

Name Servers are:
NS Nameserver) to ( not 100% sure about this )

NS Nameserver) to | Ports open: 7 9 13 19 23 37 53 79 111 512 513 514 515 540 1103 4045 6112 7100

NS Nameserver) to | Ports open: 7 13 23 37 53 111 513 514 515 2766 6000 8888
NS Nameserver) to | Ports open: 7 9 13 19 23 37 53 79 111 512 513 514 540 6000 7100

Something weird popped up on 2/Mar/99!
Resolved to
Resolved to
Resolved to
Resolved to
Make what you want of it ! SOA Zone of Authority) Primary Responsible
refresh:10800s 3 hours)
retry:3600s 60 minutes)
expire:604800s 7 days)
minimum-ttl:86400s 24 hours)

Information from RIPE:
inetnum: -
netname: EMIRNET
descr: Emirates Internet
descr: Public Internet Service
descr: Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
country: AE
admin-c: WR18-RIPE
tech-c: FM16-RIPE
source: RIPE
person: Wolfgang Rink
address: Rink Metallbau GmbH
address: Zeissenberg 4
address: D-35094 Lahntal
address: Germany
phone: +49 6423 4684
fax-no: +49 6423 4608
nic-hdl: WR18-RIPE
mnt-by: DENIC-P
source: RIPE
person: Farhan Mahmood
address: Data Services - Head Office
address: Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
address: Sheikh Zayed II Street
address: P.O. Box 3838
address: United Arab Emirates
phone: +971 2 2084 563
fax-no: +971 2 317 000
nic-hdl: FM16-RIPE
source: RIPE
inetnum: -
netname: UAEUNET
descr: United Arab Emirates Network - Top Level Domain
descr: UAEU Information Technology Center
descr: Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE
country: AE
admin-c: Muhammad Javeed
tech-c: Muhammad Javeed
changed: 980607
source: RIPE
person: Muhammad Javeed
address: United Arab Emirates University
address: Computer Center
address: PO BOX 15551
address: Al Ain
address: United Arab Emirates
phone: +971-3-642-750
fax-no: +971-3-660-683
nic-hdl: MJ1338
changed: 980607
source: RIPE


Some Domains registered by Etisalat.


MX Mail Exchanger) Priority: 10 to to
MX Mail Exchanger) Priority: 20 to to

Complaints of SPAM Email should be sent to as per their email to all subscribers in May 1999.

Mid June 1999 Emirates Internet announced a restriction of 5MB left on the mailbox server and a 30 days limit for unread email.

Did you know that when sending an email through using the mail server to an email address within the UAE, for example to, that you can simply send the email to help without the extention of and it is exactly the same? Tey sending an email to yourself to check it really works.

Did you know that the maximum recipients allowed in a mail being sent through Etisalat's mail server are 25 :)
However you can up this by sending another 25 using the BCC field, or so we've been told.

And something more funny we came across. With over 100,000 subscribers, Emirates Internet still restricts Email addresses to 8 characters. But here on their help pages they show you a sample email address like this:
which if you didn't notice is 9 characters long. Heh. Ok Ok, so it's not funny to you, but it is to us.  : )

194.170.0. Emirates Internet ( Although doesnt resolve, appears to be part of a new firewall setup (13/4/99) Although doesnt resolve, appears to be part of a new firewall setup (13/4/99) Although doesnt resolve, appears to be part of a new firewall setup (13/4/99) (ESMAEILA) Doesn't resolve - part of the Route towards

194.170.2. Emirates Internet Doesn't resolve - part of the Route towards ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
........ up to ........ ( ( ( (
....... up to ...... ( (

194.170.3. Emirates Internet ( ( ( (


194.170.5. AT&T Global Information Solutions Dubai
194.170.6. AT&T Global Information Solutions Dubai
194.170.7. International Turnkey Systems Dubai
194.170.8. Emirates Bank International Limited
194.170.9. Emirates Bank International Limited
194.170.10. Emirates Bank International Limited
194.170.11. Emirates Bank International Limited
194.170.12. Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board
194.170.13. Sadolin Paints (Oman) Ltd Dubai Branch
194.170.14. Dubai Shopping Festival Dubai Economic Department
194.170.15. Etisalat College of Engineering
194.170.16. Ajman University College of Science & Technology
194.170.17. Ajman University College of Science & Technology
194.170.18. Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) Abu Dhabi
194.170.19. Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) Abu Dhabi
194.170.20. Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) Abu Dhabi
194.170.21. Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) Abu Dhabi
194.170.22. Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) Abu Dhabi
194.170.23. Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) Abu Dhabi
194.170.24. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
194.170.25. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
194.170.26. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
194.170.27. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
194.170.28. Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research Abu Dhabi
194.170.29. Tecnomen Middle East Dubai
194.170.30. Ministry Of Finance and Industry Abu Dhabi
194.170.31. Lootah Islamic School Dubai
194.170.32. Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi
all the way up to
194.170.63. Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi
194.170.64. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
all the way up to
194.170.87. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
194.170.88. Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited
194.170.89. Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited
194.170.90. Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited
194.170.91. Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited
194.170.92. Sharjah University
194.170.93. Sharjah University
194.170.94. Sharjah University
194.170.95. Sharjah University
194.170.96. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited
194.170.97. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited
194.170.98. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited
194.170.99. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited
194.170.100. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited
194.170.101. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited
194.170.102. Rouse Company International
194.170.103. Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Holdings LLC Dubai
194.170.104. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.105. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.106. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.107. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.108. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.109. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.110. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.111. ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi
194.170.112. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations
all the way up to
194.170.123. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations

Details of Internet Ip's here csh csi csc csd csm csn cse csy csf csg to csw to csg

194.170.128. Cultural Foundation Abu Dhabi
194.170.129. Internet Cafe Dubai
194.170.130. Institute For International Relations (Middle East) Dubai
194.170.131. Trident Shipping Company Dubai
194.170.132. Alpha Data Abu Dhabi
194.170.133. Emirates Internet
194.170.134. AST Middle East Limited Dubai
194.170.135. Sperry Sun Drilling Services Dubai
194.170.136. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company For Distribution
194.170.137. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company For Distribution
194.170.138. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company For Distribution
194.170.139. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company For Distribution
194.170.140. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company For Distribution
194.170.141. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company For Distribution
194.170.142. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company For Distribution
194.170.143. IBM Middle East Dubai
194.170.144. KCC Process Equipment LTD. Abu Dhabi
194.170.145. Bently Middle East Dubai
194.170.146. Cyber Cafe Abu Dhabi
194.170.147. Al Bayan Press Dubai
194.170.148. Islamic City Hall Sharjah
194.170.149. ABB Middle East and North Africa Regional Network Dubai
194.170.150. Seven Seas Computers Dubai
194.170.152. Private Dept. Of H.H. Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan
194.170.153. Regional Arab Financial Fund Abu Dhabi
194.170.154. U.A.E. Exchange Centre Abu Dhabi
194.170.155. Metito Overseas Ltd Sharjah
194.170.156. ARAB CONTRACTORS Abu Dhabi
194.170.157. Dar Al Khaleej Sharjah
194.170.158. Abu Dhabi Purchasing Department
194.170.159. Abu Dhabi Purchasing Department

Details of Internet Ip's here int csn tda
194.170.163. Emirates Internet !  - used by Emirates Internet Admins PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) csp csq csr csx
194.170.166. Emirates Internet ! css to cst ( ( Doesn't resolve - part of the Route towards Cisco Systems Console PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) to csu to csv csy
194.170.170. Emirates Internet !

194.170.171. CRSS International Inc Abu Dhabi
194.170.172. American University of Sharjah
194.170.173. American University of Sharjah
194.170.174. American University of Dubai
194.170.175. Military Language Institute Abu Dhabi
194.170.176. Abu Dhabi Ship Building
194.170.177. Moh'd Mahdi Al-Tajir Dubai
194.170.178. Farabi Link Trading Dubai
194.170.179. Dodsal Pte Limited Dubai
194.170.180. Alfutaim Tarmac (PTE) Ltd Dubai
194.170.181. American Community School Abu Dhabi
194.170.182. Total Abu Al Bukhoosh Abu Dhabi
194.170.183. Union National Bank Abu Dhabi
194.170.184. Al Futaim M.S.D Dubai
194.170.185. Al Khaleej Sugar Co. Dubai
194.170.186. FAL OIL COMPANY LTD. Sharjah

194.170.187. Etisalat Internet Exchange Abu Dhabi (No rDNS) (No rDNS) &/or (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (No rDNS)
all the way up to (No rDNS)

194.170.188. Dubai Aviation College
194.170.189. Middle East Information Technology Dubai
194.170.190. Oman Emirates Investment Holding Company Abu Dhabi
194.170.191. Ho Auh Etisalat Abu Dhabi 194.170.191. (expanded)
194.170.192. Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services EST.
194.170.193. Gulf News
194.170.194. Seabulk Offshore International Inc. Sharjah
194.170.195. Interactive Technologies Dubai
194.170.196. Department of Ports and Customs
194.170.197. Cape East Abu Dhabi
194.170.198. International Computers Limited Abu Dhabi
194.170.199. State Security Department Abu Dhabi
194.170.200. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
194.170.201. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
194.170.202. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
194.170.203. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
194.170.204. The Link Computes Abu Dhabi
194.170.205. Arab Business Machine LTD. APPLE Computers Dubai
194.170.206. Directorate Of Military Works Abu Dhabi
194.170.207. Neste OY Dubai Finland's International Oil & Chemicals Co.
194.170.208. Citizen Watches Gulf Co. Jebel Ali
194.170.209. Dubai Intercontinental Hotel
194.170.210. Emirates National Oil Company Dubai
194.170.211. Dubai Port Authority
194.170.212. Emirates Internet
194.170.213. Dubai Port Authority
194.170.214. Dubai Port Authority
194.170.215. Emirates Institute for Banking Sharjah
194.170.216. Freight Systems Co. LTD. Dubai
194.170.217. Al Ghurair Group Of Companies
194.170.218. Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid - Supply + Purchase
194.170.219. Kuwait Food Co. Dubai
194.170.220. Ruwais Ferilizer Industries Abu Dhabi
194.170.221. British Council Dubai
194.170.222. UCMC Sharjah
194.170.223. Emirates Technology Co. Dubai Emirates Technology Co. Dubai TELNET IP
194.170.224. GHQ Computer Center Abu Dhabi
194.170.225. XEROX Emirates Co. Dubai
194.170.226. Computer Network Systems Abu Dhabi
194.170.227. Arabian Automobiles Dubai
194.170.228. Sharjah Chamber Of Commerce
194.170.229. Radius Leo Burnett Dubai
194.170.230. Murray & Roberts Construction LTD Dubai
194.170.231. Murray Int't Metals Ltd. Sharjah
194.170.232. Emirates Petroleum Products Company Dubai
194.170.233. 2000 International Centre For Training & Dev. Abu Dhabi
194.170.234. Altajir General Tarading (Executrain) Dubai
194.170.235. Emirates Computer Dubai
194.170.236. National Bank Of Dubai
194.170.237. Internationl Trading Circle Abu Dhabi
194.170.238. ACER Computer Jebel Ali
194.170.239. Mindware Dubai
194.170.240. Oiletools International (Cavman) Ltd. Dubai
194.170.241. Emirates Broadcasting Corporation Abu Dhabi
194.170.242. Emirates Broadcasting Corporation Abu Dhabi
194.170.243. Sharjah Police H.Q.
194.170.244. Memrb Gulf Co. Sharjah
194.170.246. Spectrum LLC Dubai
194.170.247. Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Team
194.170.248. Abu Dhabi National Hotels Company
194.170.249. XEROX Emirates Dubai
194.170.250. Caltex Alkhalij Dubai
194.170.251. Dabbagh Information Technology Group LTD. Dubai
194.170.252. ACER Freeman Fox International Dubai
194.170.253. Mid-East Data system Abu Dhabi
194.170.254. Mott MacDonald Ltd. Abu Dhabi Oilfields Supply Center LTD Oilfields Supply Center LTD Oilfields Supply Center LTD Oilfields Supply Center LTD Oilfields Supply Center LTD ( ( ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( ( ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( ( ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( ( ( ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) (EMIX-PC2) (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (No rDNS) ( ( ( ( ( ( (No rDNS) ( ( ( (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS) (No rDNS) ( (No rDNS)

Details of Internet Ip's here tda twa tdc tdd tde taa tab tac tad mda mdb PTR (Pointer) mdc mdd mde mdf mdg mdh mdi mdj mdl mdm mdn mdo mdp Dial and Surf IP's mdq mdr mds Dial and Surf IP's maa mab mac mad mae maf mag mal mam man mao map maq twb twb to csr

Funny stuff here: Resolves differently backwards and forwards! to to to
Resolved to to
Resolved to

Here's something interesting:
Resolved to mna mnb mnc to mnd to mne to mnf to csw to csk

If you're interested to see what all goes on betweein the IP's -
The list is getting too big, thus on a separate page. PTR (Pointer) emirates-cdb (think this one is all wrong)
195.229.36. PTR (Pointer) ( telnet.. ( telnet.. ( telnet.. : Eagle secure Gateway Telnet is interesting emirates-csc ( ( ( ( PTR (Pointer) to opens MegaStars Domino Intranet and they also have a SMTP mailserver here.

Informations Systems Design LLC (ISDMAIL) (NT_NOTES) (NT_FAX) (LOTUSFAX) (MEENA) (AAMIR) (ATIF_PC)


Alain based IP ISDN emirares-cna

Dubai based IP ISDN
Seems to have changed to PTR (Pointer) emirates-cda Ports open: 514 to ~ to to ~ to to ~ to

Dubai based IP ISDN PTR (Pointer) Ports open: 514 2001 5006 6001 9001 10006 to ~ to to ~ to ~ to ~ Non resolving IP's

Sharjah based IP ISDN PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer)
Interesting, that on 6-3-99 this had two pointers, both working.
Interesting, that on 6-3-99 this had two pointers, both working. PTR (Pointer) PTR (Pointer) What do you make of this?
Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server for Windows NT Version 5.14.0000
Evaluation copy, 10 users enabled. Expiration date is 3/6/1999.
Please wait...
User 1 of 10
login: PTR (Pointer) to what we don't know. Something new. PTR (Pointer) to what we don't know. Something new. PTR (Pointer) Cisco Systems Console PTR (Pointer) Cisco Systems Console (Pointer) Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server for Windows NT Version 4.19.0000
Your evaluation copy of this product expired, disconnecting...

Abu Dhabi based ISDN

Dubai based dial in ip SunOS 5.6

194.69.1. UAE University Information Technology Center, Alain Abu Dhabi Municipality Internatinal Defence Exhibition Abu Dhabi Ajman Free Zone Dubai Chamber of Commerce Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

So, the Good names with the domain extentions of

COM US Commercial
NET Network
ORG Non-Profit Organization

are about all used up. And these below are out of our reach:

EDU US Educational
GOV US Government
INT International
MIL US Military
NET Network
ORG Non-Profit Organization
ARPA Old style Arpanet
NATO Nato field

So, what are the new domain extentions to be launched ?

New Domain Extension Potential Designees
.FIRM Businesses or Firms
.SHOP Businesses offering goods for purchase
.WEB Entities emphasizing activities related to the world wide web
.ARTS Entities emphasizing cultural and entertainment activities
.REC Entities emphasizing recreational or entertainment activities
.INFO Entities providing information services
.NOM Individual or personal designations

Thought we would share that with you because we found it quite hard to find.

Dodsal, a company based in Dubai has an IRC chat server up that you can access through mIRC by typing:

/server 7000

It is like Undernet, but is just one server. You can arrange to meet your firends there for fun. -
UAE University Information Technology Center
Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE resolved to
Ports open: 23 25 79 80 111 512 513 514 515 1024 1025 2295 4507 -(ftp) 6000 6112
8080 8081

Got more stuff for us to add ? Send it to us pronto :)

Here's a cool tip for when the boss walks in !

Get Small Fast!
The fastest way to minimize all the windows on your desktop is to press
Ctrl+Esc, then Alt+M.

Win95 ships with a free Internet utility called IP Configuration that lets you check out all the vital stats of your Internet setup. Launch Start/Run and type WINIPCFG, then click on the More Info button.

Win95 also ships with a DOS program called TRACERT that traces an Internet connection so you can see where the packets are hopping over the Net. Launch the MS-DOS Prompt window and type TRACERT followed by the Internet location

Win95 also ships with a DOS program called NETSTAT that shows you all your open Pots. Launch the MS-DOS Prompt window and type NETSTAT -an

This was a cool one we came across that helped us find a lot of junk on our hard drive.

Expand Your View
You can fully expand the folders in the Windows Explorer Folders pane
hierarchical view with a single keystroke. Select the drive you'd like to expand,
then press the asterisk key on the numeric keypad. Note that if you select My
Computer, you'll expand your diskette drive (if there's a diskette in it), all local
hard drives and your CD-ROM drive. Select "Desktop" and you'll add all
connected network drives too.
- Edward Wernich

Worried about leaving a URL in your Netscape's history list ?
Then don't go to the page !

Anyway, to get rid of it, close down Netscape and edit the file prefs.js which is usually in a subdirectory of the C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\

You are the sunshine of my life!

Actually the page constructs itself, but dont tell anyone please.
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